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South Sea Cultured Pearl

South sea pearls are cultivated in either silver-lipped oyster or gold-lipped oyster, the names are derived from the color of the shell interior's outer edge, scientific name Pinctada maxima. In the coast of Australia, Indonesia, and Philippines are the birthplace of South sea pearls.

Australia began commercial pearl culturing in the mid-1950s, and supply about 60% of the world's supply of South Sea pearls. Indonesia focuses on the gold-lipped oyster, and produce more cream and yellow pearls than Australia. Generally, South Sea pearls are the largest cultured pearls on the market.

South Sea Pearl Size
South Sea pearls normally available from 8mm to 15mm. Average size 10mm to 13mm
10mm 15mm

South Sea Pearl Shape
Round Near-round Oval Button Drop Baroque

South Sea Pearl Body Color
White Cream Silver Yellow Yellowish orange Blue

South Sea Pearl Farm Map

Philippine pearl farms are located on remote islands away from population centers.

With 17,508 islands and a native p. maxima population, the Indonesian archipelago is ideal for South Sea pearl farming.

Although pearl farms are located along the entire northern coast of Australia, the great majority of wild p, maxima oysters come from the waters of Eighty Mile Beach in Western Australia.