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Pearl Jewelry Gift Ideas for Women

Written by the staff of Pearl Classic

It seems to get harder and harder to give a gift to an important woman in your life and make her truly surprised. Flowers are almost always expected, electronics are too easy, and gift cards are just too impersonal. Jewelry tends to be a gift you can rely on and still be the most surprising. But what type of jewelry will she like?

Pearl jewelry is a classic staple in every womanís wardrobe. With new designs and modern updates to jewelry design, pearl jewelry is making a huge comeback in mainstream fashion. Today, one can find simple white pearls, beautifully multi-colored pearls, golden pearls and even black pearls. Whether itís a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or just because, pearls have truly become suitable for any age and occasion.

Pearl jewelry gift ideas for women will vary depending on her tastes and personality. So when selecting your pearl jewelry, bear in mind her personality and traits. This can help you narrow down your options for gift ideas. For women itís about style, simplicity, staying power, and the personal aspect of the gift. Ask yourself, how does it relate to her style?

If she tends to be more on the trendy side, is a little bit bolder than some, a beautiful strand of colored Freshwater pearls or South Sea Pearls would be a perfect gift. The overall piece of jewelry, whether a pearl necklace or bracelet is simple. However, the unique pops of color from the pearls are unexpected. This stays true to her personal style, but gives her a classic piece of jewelry that has staying power through the decades.

A woman who may be a little bit rock and roll inside might enjoy black Tahitian pearls. These strong pieces speak directly to her taste and personality. They are bold, yet refined and offer her the elegance of pearl jewelry with a twist. Simple drop style Tahitian pearl earrings, for instance, can be her go-to pair of earrings each time she goes out for years to come.

If youíre not sure what her tastes are or know she sticks to the classics, then a simple strand of white pearls is a sure thing. Simple, and elegant, white pearls never go out of style and can be dressed up or down. Look for popular Akoya pearls or Freshwater pearls in white for the best options.

While pearl jewelry is high quality jewelry that lasts for decades, this doesnít mean you have to break the bank. Many online pearl jewelry stores offer quality pieces as low as $20.00 or as high as $2,000. So as it goes, pearl jewelry gift ideas for women can easily fit into your budget and you can still give her a high quality piece of jewelry that she will treasure for a very long time. Bear in mind these simple guides and her personality, and you will surely give a gift she will absolutely love.