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Freshwater Pearl Pendant - 7- 10mm - 18KT Gold with Diamonds

Freshwater Pearl Pendant - 7 - 10mm - 18KT White Gold with Diamonds<br><strong>Item#: FWPR7


A fabulous white Freshwater pearl pendant, set in solid noble 18KT white gold mounting with 2 sparkling diamonds (0.016ct).

Pearl measure 8-10mm, AA grade, display brilliant lustre with smooth clean skin.

Comes with matching 14KT gold chain, 16 or 18 inch.

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Pearl Type: Freshwater Pearl
Freshwater pearls cultured in mussels of scientific name Hyriopsis Cumingi (Triangle shell mussel).

Produced primarily in China, Japan and some in North America.

Most of the Chinese freshwater pearl farming takes place within about 480 km (300 miles) of Shanghai.

Lately Chinese pearl farmers have gradually changed their emphasis from quantity to quality.
Size: 7-10mm
Color: White
Shape: Round
Luster: High to Medium
Luster: High to Medium, Pearl Grade: AA

The Luster of the pearl refers to its ability to retract and reflect light from its translucent layers.

Judge the luster by the brightness and sharpness of the reflected light. The brighter and sharper the reflections are, the higher the grade will be.
Nacre: Thick
Surface: Clean with Light Blemish
Surface: Clean with Very Light Blemish

Surface quality is the condition of the pearl’s surface. Consider the visibility and type of surface characteristics present. Is the surface clear, or does it have some slight flaws in it? The clearer it appears the higher the grade given.
Match: N/A
Metal: 18KT Gold with Diamonds

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Item# FWPR7

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