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Freshwater Pearls

Exquisite Freshwater Pearl Jewelry On Sale!

Freshwater pearl jewelry starts with a pearl derived from freshwater mussels typically produced in China, Japan and the United States. Generally speaking, Freshwater pearls cover the widest range of colors and shapes than any other pearl type currently available making them the perfect fit for pearl jewelry.

Freshwater pearl jewelry makes an excellent gift for virtually any occasion and anyone. Whether it's your wife, girlfriend, daughter or yourself, your choice will surely create a smile.

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More on Creating Freshwater Pearl Jewelry...

Our team of GIA certified pearl experts has put together an exquisite selection of the most unique and colorful Freshwater pearls available online. We offer an array of Freshwater pearl jewelry including Freshwater pearl necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and pendants. Unlike the Freshwater pearl jewelry you may see in department stores, our selections of pearl jewelry is not mass reproduced on a large scale. We create our own designs, select our own clasps and put together each Freshwater Pearl Jewelry together ourselves. Each piece is hand-made (drilled, stringed, and knotted) and inspected for quality assurance. This ensures that you are receiving a unique gift, unlike any other you will find. Your order will be shipped free and will arrive with a pearl care kit, a gift box, and a certificate of authenticity for your complete satisfaction.