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Can a Bride Wear Pearls?

Written by the staff of Pearl Classic

In a nutshell, yes! Pearl bridal jewelry is absolutely beautiful. There really isnít a reason why a bride couldnít wear pearl jewelry on her big day. In fact, pearls are a classic staple of a bride. Pearl jewelry comes in many different styles today. So whatever your personal style is, you will surely find pearls that suit you.

When we think of pearl jewelry, we generally think of the standard pearl necklace. The standard necklace can look beautiful and modern for a variety of reasons. When searching for the right pearl necklace, you will need to keep in mind the style of your dress. If your dress is strapless or has off the shoulder straps, a short pearl necklace or choker will look stunning. If your dress is very simple in style, a classic pearl necklace can add a graceful elegance. If your dress has a lot of detail up top, you may want to consider not wearing a necklace at all and allowing the dress to shine on itís won.

If your dress has a lot of beautiful detail, then you can accessorize it with a simple pearl bracelet. If your dress does not have sleeves, this will work particularly well for you. You may also want to try pearl earrings. If you are wearing your hair down, simple stud pearl earrings will add a simple sparkle to your look. Up-doís that are neat and pulled back will give the perfect canvas for drop style pearl earrings. These types of earrings can dangle from your ears and add movement and shine.

For contemporary looks, you can switch it up a bit by using simple pearl pendants as your jewelry. This will look very good with halter top or plunging neckline style dresses. They are simple, yet stylish at the same time and will keep in tune with your personal style. The traditional pearl necklace may not hang well with the v-neck style of your dress. A pearl pendant on the other hand will flow with the lines of your dress.

When selecting your bridal pearl jewelry, you will also want to bear in mind your skin tone. What shades of pearls compliment your skin tone? There are of course traditional white pearls (mostly Akoya pearls) and then there are pearls with cream or rosey overtones. Think about what colors you look best in, and then choose the pearls with those types of overtones. Also take into account the color of your dress. If itís white, cream, or whatever color, you will want pearls that compliment that as well. The last thing you want on your big day is to look mismatched!

Of course, if you really want to shake things up, there are pearls that come in shades of gold and black. For golden pearls, you will want to keep an eye out for South Sea Pearls. These pearls are naturally golden and can add a simple elegant twist to your wedding look. Tahitian pearls on the other hand can come in shades of black, gold and grays. These can really stand out and may also work well for your bridal party.

When shopping for your bridal pearl jewelry, just keep in mind what look you are achieving. Keep in mind the lines of your dress and keep everything flowing. Lastly, keep in mind your skin tone Ė what is going to compliment you the best. Shop around and find your personal style. When you find the right set of pearl bridal jewelry, you will know it and everything will work out in the end.

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