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Pearls have a rich and mysterious history that has made them a prized possession for so many years. Knowing that history and what makes a pearl valuable is essential when it comes to selecting authentic pearl jewelry. With these articles, we hope to help you become a smarter shopper and select pearl jewelry that is beautiful to you because you made an educated decision that shows your great taste and knowledge.

Channel your inner Michelle Obama with Pearl Jewelry

No matter which political party you may be belong to, we can all appreciate great style. Since the First Lady came onto the national stage, it seems the nation cannot get enough of her personal style. She has the amazing ability to pair assertive clothing with feminine touches and splashes of color. Her style is uniquely hers, yet is the style of every woman.

Understanding Grades of Cultured Pearls

When shopping for pearl jewelry, you may hear a lot of terminology you may not fully understand. You may read or your jeweler may use terms like nacre and luster to describe a set of pearl jewelry you are interested in. Most pearl jewelry stores will also use a scaling system to grade how much quality and value a pearl has.

4 Things You Need to Know about Freshwater Pearl Jewelry.

Freshwater pearl jewelry is probably the most common type of pearl jewelry sold. People are most familiar with these types and you are most likely to see these sold in normal department stores as well as high end jewelry stores. To see if you are looking at a set of Freshwater pearl jewelry, keep the following four factors in mind.

4 Ways to Identify Akoya Pearl Jewelry.

Akoya pearl jewelry is one of the most popular types of pearl jewelry available. Often times when you are looking at a set of jewelry, it has been strung together with Akoya pearls. While identifying the specific type of pearl to the untrained eye can be difficult, you can use the following principals to help you understand better the characteristics of what makes Akoya pearl jewelry so different.

Love Pearl Necklaces? So Do These 7 Ladies!

Pearl necklaces are a timeless staple every woman should have in her wardrobe. Unlike the puka shell necklace or goth style necklaces, it is the accessory that transcends the ages. This is no more evident than in the seven women who have made pearls apart of their style and grace.

Can a Bride Wear Pearls?

In a nutshell, yes! Bridal pearl jewelry is absolutely beautiful. There really isnít a reason why a bride couldnít wear pearl jewelry on her big day. In fact, pearls are a classic staple of a bride. Pearl jewelry comes in many different styles today.

7 Pearl Jewelry Terms You Must Know

When shopping for pearl jewelry, whether online or in a jewelry store, you are going to see and hear some industry terms that you may not be that familiar with. Youíll be told that the nacre of this pearl is thick, itís luster is excellent, itís surface is clean and that is why it retails for $999. The only thing you might recognize from that description is the price!

Pearl Jewelry Gift Ideas for Women

It seems to get harder and harder to give a gift to an important woman in your life and make her truly surprised. Flowers are almost always expected, electronics are too easy, and gift cards are just too impersonal. Jewelry tends to be a gift you can rely on and still be the most surprising. But what type of jewelry will she like?

A Cleaning Guide to Pearl Jewelry

Caring for your pearl jewelry is a vital part in the prolonged longevity and beauty you can achieve with your pearls. Pearls in general are more delicate than other types of jewels, and therefore require a bit more attention and care. Following a few simple steps and avoiding contact with certain substances can ensure your pearls stay beautiful for a long time.

Shop Smartly With a Guide to Different Types of Pearls.

Pearl jewelry has been for years, one of the most treasured and coveted personal items a person can have. Its simplicity and sheen truly makes it a unique jewel that marks the sign of good taste and wealth. When we think of a pearl, generally we think of a small white sphere. What we donít think about is the many different types and colors of pearls available.