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4 Quick Ways to Identify Akoya Pearl Jewelry

Written by the staff of Pearl Classic

Akoya Pearl EarringsAkoya pearl jewelry is one of the most popular types of pearl jewelry available. Often times when you are looking at a set of jewelry, it has been strung together with Akoya pearls. While identifying the specific type of pearl to the untrained eye can be difficult, you can use the following principals to help you understand better the characteristics of what makes Akoya pearl jewelry so different.

The Origin of Akoya Pearl Jewelry

Akoya pearls are generally harvested in Japan and China. Like many pearls they are cultured on farms and individually hand picked. Of course, only the top pearls make it to the final jewelry piece. You can ask your jeweler the origins of the pearls and they should be more than happy to give you a back story.

The Size of Akoya Pearls

Akoya pearls can vary in size. On average, they measure from 6 to 7 mm. However, they can be as tiny as 2mm or as large as 10 mm. Unlike other types of pearls, Akoya pearls have the ability to be so small because they come from the Akoya oyster (Pinctada fucata martensii) which tends to be smaller in size as well.

The Color of Akoya Pearl Jewelry

Akoya pearls are generally white or cream. However, they have also been known to have some yellow, pink, blue and even rose overtones. When looking at the Akoya pearl jewelry you are interested in, keep a close eye on what the jeweler is telling you, or if you’re shopping online, what the details for that set of jewelry are.

The Texture of Akoya Pearls

In comparison to Freshwater pearls, Akoya pearls can be distinctly identified. They are much smoother to the touch in terms of its texture. In addition, the luster, or the pearls ability to reflect light and shine, is much stronger.

While all types of pearls are beautiful, the characteristics of an Akoya pearl make it especially pleasing. The vast difference in the sizes the pearl can come in, make Akoya pearl jewelry much more interesting and appealing to the average eye. Bearing these 4 quick characteristics can help you narrow down what type of pearl you are looking at and make an informed, educated purchasing decision that you will ultimately be most happy with.

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