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Akoya Pearl Jewelry

We offer an exquisite selection of round, baroque, white with rosy overtone-colored Akoya pearl jewelry in which have been personally hand-selected and inspected for quality by our GIA certified pearl experts. Each of our Akoya pearl jewelry pieces, whether it is one of our pearl bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or pendants, is hand-made (drilled, stringed, and knotted) and comes with an Akoya pearl jewerly care kit, a gift box, and a certificate of authenticity for your complete satisfaction.

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A Little About Akoya Pearl Jewelry

In most cases, when you see someone wearing a single-strand pearl necklace, it is most likely strung with Akoya pearls. The very first pearls to be cultured in the early 20th century. Akoya pearls are arguably among the most popular of all the pearls used in pearl jewelry because of the quality and value they provide.

Akoya pearl jewelry, while simple in style, have many characteristics behind them that make them what they are. Pearls defined as Akoya pearl jewelry generally hail from China or Japan. Cultured Akoya pearl jewelry are produced in large farms where Akoya's are "raised" and harvested. From there, they are delivered or ordered by jewelry companies who then turn them into the Akoya pearl jewelry you find in shops. In our case, again, we visit these farms ourselves and hand select each Akoya pearl to ensure their quality. We then bring them back to our office in California where we create the pearl jewelry you see here.

The actual characteristics of an Akoya pearl are quite beautiful. Akoya pearls can come in a natural brilliant white. When strung together, now white Akoya pearl jewelry can be quite radiant and powerful. Akoya's can also take on a slight hue of pink, rose, yellow and even blue. When matched with other similar shaded pearls, a set of Akoya pearl jewelry can look soft and sparkly.

These characteristics, unique to Akoyas, make Akoya pearl jewelry some of the most beautiful, simplistic types of pearl jewelry. Available in all price ranges, Akoya pearl jewelry are also some of the most popular types of pearl jewelry offered.